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The Three Wisdoms

Jesus and the Paraclete

February 23 2016 , Written by Joachim Arnold

Jesus and the Paraclete

Jesus is the Savior for us, it is He who makes us pass out of the state of a sinner to the one of a child of God. But it remains for us to pass from the state of one redeemed to the one of the elect, of the friend. And if Jesus sends the Paraclete to us, the Holy Spirit, it is because He does not want to be alone in making of us his friends, those who cooperate with His work of Salvation. “I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. When He comes, the Spirit of Truth, he will guide you to the fullness of truth”. Behold He who is announced, the One who must lead us “towards the fullness of truth” It is truly the Spirit of Truth, the One who comes to achieve what Jesus has taught us.

br. Marie Dominique Philippe o.p., A l’Age de la Lumiere

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